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Have you met the Gorzemans?

No matter where life has taken us, we’ve always ended up back here. Kingswell Glen

Kingswell Glen Golf Club

Kingswell Glen Golf Club

Kingswell Glen Golf Club is a semi-private course tucked away in the idyllic town of Petrolia, Ontario. It originally opened as Glenview Golf Club in 1895 — a six-hole course that was inspired by St. Anne’s in Scotland and founded by Jake Englehart for his fellow oil barons, the rich, and the famous.

Abandoned oil wells and historic pump rigging are still visible on the course today.

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In the early days, when Petrolia was “dry,” the golf course’s clubhouse was a popular spot. The original clubhouse was built on Queen Street, but then torn down in the 70s because it had become too small and too noisy for neighbours.

Eventually another clubhouse was built, and in 2001 the course expanded to its current 18 hole layout, with the new nine being built within the Glenview Estates subdivision.

From Glenview Golf Club, to Glenview Golf and Curling Club, to Heritage Heights Golf Club, and now…

Who We Are

Have you met the Gorzemans?

You may recognize Jenna or Joe Gorzeman from around town — whether you’ve crossed paths with Jenna at Crabby Joe’s (pre-Corona, of course) or run into Joe (not the Crabby one…) traipsing from one entrepreneurial adventure to another — we’re both proud to have called Petrolia home since day one, and are grateful that our three boys get to do the same.

No matter where life has taken us, we’ve always ended up back here.

With a passion for hospitality (Jenna), golf (Joe), and adventure (both of us!) we’ve had the immense privilege of travelling the world for both work and play.

We spent several years exploring other countries, independently and together. But eventually we realized that like Jake Englehart’s original vision back in 1891, what we really wanted to do was bring the energy and fun that we experienced in our travels back to our hometown…where we wanted to put down roots.