Games to play on the Golf Course

No two rounds of golf are ever the same – that’s one of the great things about the game! But if you find your weekly round is feeling a bit bland, there are a few ways to solve that problem.

Did you know there are many different games you can play with your group (no matter its size) to change things up on the course?

Note: Many games require a valid handicap to level the playing field in your group. If you don’t know what a handicap is, or how to use it — don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Check out our other blog posts explaining handicaps and how to use them. Then come back.

We’ll wait.

Whether you want to play for money, drinks, or bragging rights — the choice is yours! — here are a some games to consider for your next round at Kingswell Glen:

Golf Game 1: Skins

(2-4 players)

Skins is one of the simplest ways to raise the stakes for a round of golf, and it’s flexible — everyone in your group can play, or, you can play with the two or three of you that are interested.

Everyone who is playing skins will buy-in for a certain amount of money, so let’s pretend that your foursome decides the buy-in is $9/player. You have a total purse of $36, which works out to $2/hole on a round of 18 holes.

The game is pretty simple: the player in your group with the lowest score on each hole wins $2 for that low score — but they need to win outright!

A tie for the low score doesn’t count.

If nobody wins a hole, the skin is “pushed” to the next hole and increases the value of that hole’s skin, making it even more lucrative.

For example: if there’s no winner on hole 1, hole 2 is worth $4. If there’s still no winner after hole 2, hole 3 is worth $6. If nobody could wins any of holes 1-17, then hole 18 would be worth the full $36. 🤑

Before your round, make sure you decide if you’re playing based on your actual (gross) scores or are going to adjust your scores by your handicaps (net scores) so nobody is disappointed.

Golf Game 2: Wolf

(3 Players)

Wolf is played on a hole-by-hole basis.

On each hole, everyone tees off normally. Then, the players who hit longest and the shortest drives become teammates (the “hunters”) and the player with the middle drive plays solo (as the “wolf”).

A couple things to note: 1) on a par 3 the hunters are the closest and furthest from the flag, not the longest tee shot; and 2) when determining the longest/shortest tee shot, it doesn’t matter if the ball lands on the fairway/rough/etc.

Once the roles have been decided, the hunters now “hunt” the wolf.

Just to be clear, DO NOT DO THIS LITERALLY. Our insurance will not cover that. 😂

To play and keep score for this game, each player plays their own ball, finishes the hole, and determines their individual net score. The winner of the hole is determined by adding together the net score of the hunters and comparing it to double the wolf’s score on that hole.

The lowest score wins that hole, and on the next tee, you start over again to determine a new wolf/hunter.

If you want to play for money, one way to do that would be that the wolf has to put up $2/hole and the hunters each put up $1/hole (or any other amount you choose).  If the wolf wins, they win $2/hole whereas the hunters would win $1 each.

Golf Game 3: Pick Up Sticks

(2 players)

We will give you a fair warning here: this game can get personal. 😬

For Pick Up Sticks, the winner of each hole gets to remove a club of their choosing from the loser’s bag.

Some versions of this game let players choose to replace a club as a reward for winning a hole instead of removing a club from their opponent’s bag, whereas others play that once a club is gone — it’s gone for the rest of the round.

Will you be kind or harsh to your opponent by taking their putter first?

(Who are we kidding — we know the answer. 😈)

Golf Game 4: Three Club Challenge

(1-4 players)

For the Three Club Challenge, each player chooses three clubs at the beginning of the round to take to the first tee, and the rest stay in their bag.

The 3 clubs chosen are the only clubs that can be used for the round of golf.

You can see the “Challenge” part already…which three will you choose to give you enough versatility to beat your playing partners?

Some people play this game as 3 clubs plus a putter, whereas others require the putter (if chosen) to be one of the 3 clubs. It’s up to you which version to play — but you’ll need to decide before you tee off with your group.

If enough people are up for it, you could even set it up a mini Three Club Challenge tournament with some friends!

We know golf is already perfect the way it is, and we’re not trying to mess with something that’s already working. But…variety is the spice of life and all that jazz — so if you’re looking for some spice to try the next time you’re out for a round at Kingswell Glen, consider giving one of these games a try.

We can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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