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Enjoy An Immersive Indoor Golf Experience With Our New Simulators And Putting Green

Enjoy An Immersive Indoor Golf Experience With Our New Simulators And Putting Green

The next best thing to being on the course is state of the art golf simulators from Foresight Sports

Put in some practice or play for fun — the choice is yours.

Improve your game

Practice your swing in a stress-free space and track your progress.

Play with friends

Try one of the 50+ world-class courses with your favourite foursome.

Join a league

Sign up for one of our leagues and get a regular play-date in the books.



You Can Play 50+ golf courses from all over the world

There’s no need to get on a plane and quarantine if you want to take a swing at Broken Tree, Pebble Beach, or the legendary St. Andrew’s…the original inspiration for our local course!

Take advantage of

Golf Lessons available

Thanks to technology that measures ball speed, launch angles, spin, angle of attack, and more, our simulators come with built-in lessons so that you can learn, practice, and improve your game.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to get a grip on the game or a seasoned veteran fine-tuning your skills, our AI golf pros will help you get to the next level.

Prefer the support of a real-life human? Our golf pro, Dave McKinlay, is here to help you out


What You'll Get at Kingswell Glen

Virtual Golf Courses In Stunning 4K Graphics

Choose your experience

Blast through a bucket of balls at the driving range or play a full round at one of more than 50 courses available.

True-to-life simulation

You can adjust simulation settings to account for wind, water, or whatever else might affect your play in real life.

Try world-class courses

COVID can't get in the way of this game! You can virtually play (almost) any course that's worth playing.

Try our putting green

We'll be honest — practicing putting on simulators isn't the best...so we have a putting green for that.

Gain confidence

Practice your golf game in a pressure-free environment; pace of play isn't a concern when the course is all yours.

Join online leagues

Become a part of — and compete for real prizes in — the world's largest online golf gaming community.



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Leagues | Pricing & Booking

More Information

Golf Leagues For all humans

We don’t have specific leagues for Men, Ladies, or Seniors…just for humans. Everyone plays the same course, same conditions, same fun. 

Email Travis For More Information

Kingswell Glen

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And Start doing something

Because after being told what we can’t do for so long, we’re pretty excited about all the things that we can do…and all the fun we’re going to have doing it.


what our customers have to say

Sue Hyatt
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We like the atmosphere and we have come to enjoy the challenge of the course. The people are pretty friendly and it is a nice spot for good friends to meet and have a good time.

Reserve Your session

No matter your skill level, come out and play

We can't wait to see you



Frequently Asked Questions

Give us a call at (519) 882-0860, and keep your eyes peeled for when our online scheduler goes live

There is no official dress code, but please use good judgment and wear appropriate clothing. If you’re not sure what that means, you can use our blog post about dress code as a guide.

Of course, there are a couple of no-nos that we’ll ask you to respect:

Outdoor shoes will NOT be allowed on the turf because as much as we love the great outdoors, we don’t want the dirt and debris indoors. So please bring clean shoes and socks to wear — barefoot play is (unfortunately) not allowed.

If you’re not able to make your booking, you have until 24 hours before your session to cancel without penalty. If you need to cancel within the 24 hour window, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

When you book the field or simulators, you aren’t paying for the actual use of the facility, you’re paying to reserve the time and space. If you don’t show up for your reserved time, it comes at a cost to use as a business — and to your fellow sports enthusiasts because they weren’t able to make use of it in your absence.

If you do need to cancel unexpectedly within the 24 hour window, give us a call. You can always send a friend in your place, and if someone else snatches up your time slot you won’t be on the hook for the cancellation fee.

The goal of this policy isn’t to gauge our community when real-life gets in the way of plans — it’s to create a sense of security and accountability so that we can all get the most out of the experiences offered.

The indoor sports facilities are rented out on an hourly basis.

For the simulators, we usually suggest an hour per person to complete a full round — and up to four people can use the simulators at a time. So if you want to play 18 holes at St. Andrews as part of a foursome, you’ll want to book four hours for the simulator.

For questions about the indoor field, we recommend reaching out to Travis.

When you arrive at Kingswell Glen you’ll come in the front doors, walk up the stairs, then head out the door to the old curling rink — a.k.a. the new indoor field).

You will sign a waiver — which is mandatory for each visit — this can be done ahead of time using the link on our website or the QR code posted on our check-in desk.

When you have confirmation that you’ve signed the waiver in hand, you can check-in for your field or simulator session with our friendly staff at the bar.

We ask that you arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointed time slot (to avoid crowds gathering) and we will get you set up on the simulators or field when it is your turn.

You betcha! We will have a bar and grab-and-go snacks to start. You can even order from Crabby Joe’s Petrolia and have it delivered right to you — the goal is to introduce more options over time, like smoothies, protein-packed snacks, and other, more substantial, meal options.

Also, beer. 🍻

Have a question that wasn’t answered here or have a comment to make?
Call (519) 882-0860, add it here or email info@kingswellpetrolia.com