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Kingswell Glen Golf Club, located in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada, is a challenging 18 hole golf course open for green fee and tournament play. The front and back nines are distinctly different from one another, offering a variety of hole designs and individual challenges for golfers of all skill levels.

The course’s history is linked to the petroleum industry that started in the area well over 100 years ago, with some abandoned oil wells and historic pump rigging still visible on the course.

It’s a golfing experience unlike any other…and we’d love for you to come check it out!

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Membership Fees - 2021

With membership options ranging from $225 for a junior member to $2,475 for a family of 5, you can choose the package that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you want an unlimited membership so you can escape to the greens whenever the whimsy strikes, or a weekday membership so you can avoid the crowds on the weekends — the choice is yours:

Single Memberships 

Couples Memberships

Cart Packages

Other Fees and Perks

*Weekday memberships are Monday – Friday anytime

Kids 12 & Under Play FREE At Kingswell Glen Golf Club after 5pm Saturday & Sunday nights (when accompanied by an adult.)

Green Fees - 2021

If you’re not the type to commit upfront, we also have a variety of green fee options.**

For those that want to play + pay as you go, we’ve got you covered. Our twilight rates will provide the best bogey for your buck — after 4pm, you can walk 9 holes for $23.

The fees scale from there, depending on the time of day, the day of the week, and your preferred mode of course transportation: Cart or foot.

Weekday Fees:

Weekends / All Holidays Fees:

Twilight Weekdays / Weekends (after 4pm)

Power Cart Fees:

10 Game Pack Fees:

Please note that our prices include HST + an additional $1 sustainability fee* on all green fees

Did you know that kids 12 & under play for FREE after 5pm on Saturdays & Sundays when they’re accompanied by an adult. (I.e. You can’t just let your children run wild and free on the course, but you can tire them out before bed — and enjoy a beer while it happens.)

*Our commitment to sustainability

For us, golf isn’t just about the game. It’s about getting outside to enjoy the natural beauty we’re lucky enough to be surrounded with.

Just like Jake Englehart fell in love with the golf courses in Scotland and wanted to bring that magic home, we want to create a space that inspires and helps people fall in love with the beauty Petrolia has to offer.

(Say what you want about this small town — it is a GEM and we all know it.)

Because of that, Kingswell Glen is committed to developing + implementing effective strategies to improve the environmental sustainability of our golf course, and the local community.

We want to go the extra kilometre to ensure that what we’re building with this golf course will support the ecosystem it exists in, which is why **there is a one-time sustainability fee of $35 for each membership purchase, and a $1 sustainability fee on all green fees.**

We hope that you’re as invested in our vision for this community as we are — because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that working together is the only way to get anything done.